Take Down Action

Facing challenges with counterfeit sales of your original products in the Czech market? Encountering infringement on your rights and determined to take action? Our dedicated "Take Down Team" is your tailored solution. Skilled in navigating the complexities of both online and offline marketplaces, we are committed to vigorously defending your brand and intellectual property.

In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, protecting intellectual property goes beyond traditional boundaries. The anonymity and vast reach of the internet have made infringement a common yet complex challenge.


Our service is specifically designed to address these modern-day concerns. We combine legal acumen with innovative strategies to combat online and offline infringement effectively. Tailored to meet the needs of diverse clients, from multinational corporations to individual creators, we offer a nuanced approach to each unique situation.

Our team specializes in identifying infringements, executing take-downs, and maintaining the integrity of your intellectual property in both digital and physical realms.

For Czechia and Slovakia

Our suite of services is comprehensive and multifaceted, including:

  • Proactive monitoring and assessment of infringements across various platforms.
  • Development and execution of strategic responses to infringements.
  • Comprehensive collaboration with customs authorities for both cross-border and national market enforcement
  • Intercepting and halting the distribution of counterfeit products.
  • Filing robust take-down requests and cease-and-desist letters to infringers.
  • Direct engagement and negotiation with online marketplaces and vendors.
  • Crafting and negotiating settlement agreements.
  • Representation in civil, administrative, or criminal proceedings to enforce your rights.

How does the service take place?

Initial Consultation

We begin by understanding the specific challenges you face and your overall objectives in protecting your intellectual property. 

Strategic Legal Assessment

Our team assesses the situation and crafts a strategic plan tailored to your unique needs.

Execution of Take-Down Requests

We actively file take-down requests, engage with e-commerce platforms, and issue cease-and-desist letters, following up as necessary to ensure compliance.

Legal Advocacy and Proceedings

If initial measures do not yield desired results, we escalate to administrative, civil, or criminal proceedings, offering full legal representation and advocacy.

Our Global Presence


Evaluating Collaboration: Testimonials

THK Legal is a team of reliable experts who have been taking care of the majority of our trademark portfolio for several years. They assisted us in integrating Vitana and Hamé companies and in establishing Orkla Foods in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. With their advice, they never leave us, even in situations where we intend to leave the territory due to the adverse local legislation. They are with us in the context of our new acquisitions and divestments. I appreciate how they can combine a 'craftsman-like approach' to everyday operations with creativity in non-standard situations (e.g., legal disputes) – and unlike other large firms, their ego still fits through the door! I value that they respect our rapidly changing priorities and adjust their advice and recommendations accordingly.

Mgr. Helena Nováčková Legal Director

The law firm THK LEGAL has been providing our company, SOLO MATCHES & FLAMES, with long-term legal advisory services related to the protection and registration of our trademarks. We receive high-quality service that not only holds significant professional value but also encompasses a human dimension. All our cases and tasks are handled promptly and thoroughly.

Ing. Petr Zelinka Director

THK Legal professionally and meticulously oversees the complete range of trademarks for the ICZ Group in the Czech Republic and worldwide to our full satisfaction.

Petr Kubánek Marketing Manager

We have been collaborating with THK Legal since 1994, and we are highly satisfied with their services. We particularly appreciate their meticulous and professional approach to customer service, and thanks to their expertise and experience in the field of intellectual property law, we feel confident that we are in good hands.

Ing. Marcela Kleinová Inhouse Attorney

We have been collaborating with THK Legal s.r.o. since 2004. We consistently value the professionalism that has assisted us in resolving various disputes. We appreciate the responsiveness and speed of communication, and we believe that these attributes will continue to accompany our collaboration in the years to come.

Radek Sajvera Chairman of the Board and CEO

"I had the honour of collaborating with Ms. Traplova on my authorial projects. I greatly appreciate her professional approach, coupled with her humanity, which made me, as a client without a legal background, always feel like an equal partner—someone whose voice is heard and whose project matters sincerely to Ms. Traplova. Her selfless support for young creators and their activities is admirable, and unlike others, she does not flaunt it overtly; rather, she is a silent philanthropist. For all of this, she has my deep admiration. If you are in search of an expert who can boast precision, reliability, and humanity, I wholeheartedly recommend Ms. Jana Traplova. Jana Červenková, author of guidebooks 'S dětmi v báglu' (With Children in Tow)"

Jana Červenková Brand Owner

We have been cooperating with THK Legal for an extended period, and we are very satisfied with their services. We particularly appreciate their meticulous and professional approach to the customer. Thanks to their knowledge and experience in the field of intellectual property law, we feel confident that we are in good hands.

Petr Kadlec PR Manager

Our collaboration with THK Legal is long-standing and highly satisfactory. We are genuinely pleased with the meticulous and professional manner in which they deliver their services. Their expertise and experience in the field of intellectual property law provide us with the assurance that we are under the care of reliable experts upon whom we can rely.

Lucie Petružálková Managing Director and Executive Director

Our collaboration with THK Legal, a law firm, is long-standing and highly positive. We particularly value their extensive knowledge and rich experience in the field of intellectual property, which is complemented by their professional approach. They consistently handle our requests promptly, ensuring quality and presenting results in an understandable manner. In this domain, they are a dependable partner for us.

David Ševčík Head of Brand & PR
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